Friday, September 20, 2013

Leather Chain Wallets from PunkHipster Leather: Handmade in USA

Leather Chain Wallets and any leather products from PunkHipster are unique right off the bat. In fact, everything from PunkHipster is limited edition due to the fact that PunkHipster purchases SMALL lots of leather hides (chosen by hand in LA, NY & Springfield, MO). Whenever PunkHipster finds a unique set of leather hides, it is purchased for a specific product such as leather bifolds, leather cuffs, good leather belts, it just depends on the hide itself. The cool thing is, the leather is always something HARD TO FIND, and very unique, it's something for the individual. Typically, only less than 50 units will be built from the stock of leather hides purchased. This makes each and every PunkHipster product rare, scarce, and unique to the individual buyer. Want something no one else has??? Go to the PunkHipster website and make your choice now: good leather belts: leather chain wallets: wallet chains: leather cuffs, leather bracelets: leather key fobs: leather accessories: cool bifold wallets, handmade wallets, handmade leather belt, handmade keychain, chainmaille, chainmaille wallet chain

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fathers Day Gifts from Anvil Customs Leather Wallets Biker Chain Wallet

I know. You’re finally relieved to have found THE WEBSITE from which you will buy that HARD TO FIND Gift for Dad. Before your very eyes are the best quality gifts for Fathers Day. Leather wallets, leather belts, leather accessories and much more to choose from! I’m Ryan, the owner of Anvil Customs, and I guarantee your satisfaction! I guarantee it, because I BUILD EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT HERE! This will be a Fathers Day like no other for your Dad, Husband, Father, Boyfriend, whoever the man is thatt you’re buyingg for! He’ll look back 20 years from now and remember the day he was given an “ANVIL”…..make it happen for him this Fathers Day 2013.

Friday, August 3, 2012

NEW Anvil Customs WEBSITE coming VERY soon! More wallets, chopper seats, leather bags, and chains!

I'm very excited to announce the NEW Anvil Customs website will launch very soon. Sept. 1st is the tentative launch date.....keep yo eyez peeled! More Anvil Wallets, belts, bags, motorcycle seats, chains than you can shake a stick at! I owe all the credit in the world to my incredible customers who keep supporting me! Especially those of you who keep coming back for more.....I am completely humbled by your patronage and completely honored to offer you the best leatherwork I can. Until next time, Anvil

Monday, January 9, 2012

NEW Wallet Interiors for Anvil's Bifold, Trifold & Long Biker Chain Wallets!

Long awaited, long requested......and they are HERE!!! Ryan @ Anvil Customs has redesigned the interiors of all 3 of his fullsize wallets: Bifold, Trifold & Long Biker wallets. As for the bifold and trifold wallets, the new interior makes the whole leather wallet even more strong and more indestructible than ever before! The Long Biker Wallet has a new interior that includes 4 cards slots on EACH side which totals 8 card slots as well as the 2 bill sections. All the wallets still snap shut and come with a chain & leather fob! Don't wait long.....Anvil's list keeps getting longer everyday!

Call Ryan today!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anvil Leather Belts are made for WHOOPIN'!

Anvil Leather Belts are becoming more & more sought after! I've been building as many belts as I have wallets! I GUARANTEE you will NOT find a heavier duty, more well built belt than right here at Anvil. Skip the stores, buy an ANVIL!

1.5" wide and THICK
No cost cuts! I only use European Single Bend Leather.
Stitching lays down inside a cut channel
Not wimpy & supple....this belt is made for WHOOPIN'!
Nickle plated, solid brass buckle comes with every belt....
Or unsnap buckle to install your OWN buckle.
Brown Or Black

Friday, August 12, 2011

Freshly Handtooled Custom Leather Chopper Solo Seat

Straight outta the Anvil Customs Shop comes with freshly handtooled leather chopper seat....

Tis built on Anvil's NEWEST pan style: 16x12" Tractor seat. Color is original from Anvil Customs, called: "Dirty Brit". Lacing is brown kangaroo leather. This particular motorcycle seat pattern is the most comfortable from Anvil Customs....its added size creates a very hugging, very secure sitting area.....feels very good to ride on! Take a look here and see more pics on the "Cool Stuff for Sale" ...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anvil Customs Leather Chopper Seat: for

Recently put together a seat for Phil Kilburn of Heritage Cycles. You can find Phil @ Heritage on facebook here:

Phil chose a 15x11" Anvil Teardrop Seat, Black with brown tooling details (the Heritage logo). Phil puts together some really kool custom motorcycles in his shop....he always loves a visit so if you're in his area, check out the shop!

And if you are interested in having your own custom chopper seat built, please visit my site and call kool doods.